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Duct Insulation

HVAC ductwork and systems require thermal insulation to keep air temperature and systems running as designed. HVAC insulation installations are designed to provide thermal and acoustic comfort, and safety to a buildings’ occupants.

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Investing in a fully adapted insulation solution also has numerous benefits for project owners (reduced energy consumption) installers (lightweight and easy to handle) and occupants (improved comfort).

Thermal insulation

Thermal energy (both hot and cold) can be lost to the ambient air throughout the length of all ducts. Insulating these can reduce the amount of heat (or cold) energy needed to maintain the air temperature as designed, reducing the associated energy losses and ensuring that the correct temperature is delivered to the required location, while also preventing the formation of condensation on cold systems.

Superior acoustic properties

Significantly reduce the amount of noise transmitted through the ductwork and pipework in the HVAC system, both from mechanical systems and noise transfer within spaces that the ductwork might pass through.

Fire safety

To protect building users and occupants with limited combustibility insulation materials, significantly reducing the contribution of toxic smoke or flaming droplets.


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Insulation products
Product Name Thickness Range Sizes Lambda
ISOVER Climcover CR ALU2 40-100mm Width 1200mm, Length 3000-6000mm See datasheet
ISOVER Climcover Roll ALU2 25-50mm Width 1200mm, Length 9000-18000mm See datasheet
ISOVER Climcover Roll ALU2 Strong 25-50mm Width 1200mm, Length 7500-15000mm See datasheet
ISOVER Climcover Slab ALU2 40-50mm Width 600mm, Length 1200mm See datasheet
ISOVER Climcover Slab ALU2 Standard 40-50mm Width 600mm, Length 1200mm See datasheet