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Pipe Insulation

HVAC pipework distributes hot and cold water and other liquids throughout a building. This pipework needs to be carefully insulated in order to maintain the media at the design temperature to save energy, prevent condensation, improve thermal comfort and to avoid potential health related issues.

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The correct specification of pipework insulation can have significant effects upon the running costs by reducing any heat loss and minimising inefficiencies in hot flow situations. Furthermore, as regulations have evolved it has become more important to also be aware of the potential for overheating in buildings, and the contribution of heat loss from pipes in the summer time can be the largest internal factor contributing to heat gain.

Where there is a cold pipe it reduces the potential of the system to gain any heat and as a result lower the overall efficiency of the system. More importantly, perhaps, is the ability to negate the potential of condensation occurring, which can in extreme circumstances lead to the failure of equipment or any structure around which might be susceptible to that moisture. This can also create a potential for mould to grow or for other degradation to occur that could be harmful to health.


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Insulation products to consider
Product Name Thickness Range Sizes Lambda BBA
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