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The announcement of the £2billion 2020 Green Homes Grant scheme will see up to 600,000 homes receive grants to improve their thermal performance and energy efficiency. The voucher scheme will be delivered from Simple Energy Advice (SEA) website and the installation work will be delivered through a network of TrustMark accredited contractors.

TrustMark registered businesses must be used to provide homeowners with a quote before they can apply for their voucher.

Saint-Gobain Insulation UK combines the brands of Celotex and ISOVER to provide a comprehensive thermal insulation offering to help meet the energy efficiency recommendations as part of the Green Homes Grant scheme.

From loft or flat roof insulation, to room in the roof, floor and wall insulation, the Saint-Gobain Insulation UK product portfolio has a solution to help meet the requirements of the scheme! Select your application using the Product Selector tool below, to generate a list of our suitable products. This can be downloaded as a PDF for your reference!

One way to become accredited as a tradesperson who installs insulation is to become a member of the Insulation Assurance Authority (IAA). The IAA will provide several key services that are required under the TrustMark scheme including guarantees for the insulation measures. As part of this accreditation, you will be required to demonstrate your competence to work to Best Practice requirements for each measure. These have to be proven through certain educational qualifications or in some circumstances Manufacturer specific training.

Your application will need to be endorsed by a supplying member System Designer or Manufacturer with the relevant fee and supporting information.

Proving competence is potentially the most challenging area, even for tradespeople with many years of experience.

To address this, Saint-Gobain Insulation UK have developed a unique online training program specifically for Loft Insulation Installation which will be pre-accredited with the IAA and will provide the required evidence for your application.

This training is due to be available from the beginning of November. For further information and to be kept updated on this please register below.

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