Celotex Isover

ISOVER RD Acoustic Floor Slab

A high-density stone wool slab designed to act as a resilient platform floor layer in Robust Detail E-FC-8 for the reduction of impact and airborne sound.

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  • Concrete Separating Floors

Product Features

  • 1200 x 625mm stone mineral wool slabs
  • Meets the specification for “Isolating layer (2)” within Robust Detail Construction E-FC-8
  • Reduces both impact and airborne sound transmission when used as part of E-FC-8 Robust Details floor construction

Product Properties

  • Board / Roll size: Width 625mm, Length 1200mm
  • Thickness : 25mm
  • Material: Stone wool

Product Performance

  • Lambda: NA
  • Reaction to Fire: Euroclass A1 Reaction to Fire classification, according to EN 13501-1
  • Robust Detail E-FC-8 is proven to achieve +3dB over the requirements of Approved Document E (England & Wales)

Product Benefits

  • Helps reduce the transmission of impact and airborne sound in Robust Detail Construction E-FC-8, helping to improve the acoustic comfort of those living or working within the building
  • Strong, resilient slabs are cut to manageable sizes making them easy to fit and handle on site
  • Non-combustible – achieves Euroclass A1 Reaction to Fire classification