Celotex Isover

ISOVER RD Party Wall Roll

A glass mineral wool roll designed to reduce the passage of sound in masonry cavity separating (party) walls. ISOVER RD Party Wall Roll is a proprietary component of three Robust Detail constructions (E-WM-17, E-WM-20 and E-WM-24) and conforms to the generic full-fill mineral wool specification.

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  • Masonry Cavity Separating (Party) Walls

Product Features

  • Proprietary component of Robust Detail Constructions E-WM-17, E-WM-20, E-WM-24 (England & Wales) and V-WM-20 (Scotland)
  • Meets the generic full-fill mineral wool specification required by many masonry separating (party) wall Robust Details
  • Can be also used in PCT (pre-completion testing) masonry party wall constructions
  • Manufactured from up to 75% recycled glass
  • Achieves a Eurofins Gold certification, the highest accreditation for indoor air quality
  • Achieves an A+ generic rating within the BRE Global Green Guide

Product Properties

  • Board / Roll size: Width 2 x 455mm, Length 4000-8500mm
  • Thickness : 75-150mm
  • Material: Glass mineral wool

Product Performance

  • Lambda: 0.036 W/m.K
  • Reaction to Fire: Euroclass A1 Reaction to Fire classification, according to EN 13501-1
  • When used as part of Robust Detail Constructions E-WM-17, E-WM-20 and E-WM-24, it achieves +5dB over the requirements of Approved Document E

Product Benefits

  • Excellent acoustic performance - Helps reduce unwanted noise between linked properties when used as part of a Robust Detail construction to improve the acoustic comfort of homeowners
  • When used as part of a proprietary Robust Detail construction, it removes the need for parge coats or wet plastering
  • Robust Details removes the need for costly pre-completion sound testing, making Isover RD Party Wall Roll a more cost effective solution to implement
  • When fully filling the party wall cavity and in combination with mineral wool-filled cavity barriers at the edges of the cavity, ISOVER RD Party Wall Roll can achieve a zero U-value as defined in Building Regulations (Approved Document L1A, Table 3)
  • Ease of install – 2 x 455mm roll widths to fit between standard wall tie spacing