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A range of accessories designed to ensure the correct installation of the ISOVER U Protect passive fire protection system, including intumescent paint, glue, screws and tape.

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The accessories are integral to the U Protect system as they have been tested and assessed alongside ISOVER U Protect Wired Mat 4.0 Alu1 and U Protect Slab 4.0 Alu1 in achieving the published fire performance according to EN 1366-1, EN 1366-8 and BS 476: Part 24 for ventilation, kitchen and smoke extract ducts.

Please note the fire performance of the system cannot be substantiated if alternative system components are used.


  • Fire protection of rectangular ductwork (for internal use)
  • Fire protection of circular ductwork (for internal use)

ISOVER Protect BSF: 

Intumescent Paint Solvent-free and pH neutral white, aqueous intumescent dispersion

ISOVER Protect BSK Adhesive:

Non-combustible, inorganic adhesive, based on alkali sodium silicate

ISOVER FireProtect Screws:

Stainless steel, spiral shaped screws

ISOVER Protect Black Tape: 

Self-adhesive aluminium tape

For further details and specification information on the ISOVER U Protect accessories range, please refer to the datasheet. 

Product Properties

  • Board / Roll size: See datasheet
  • Thickness : See datasheet
  • Material: See datasheet

Product Performance

  • Lambda: See datasheet
  • Reaction to Fire: See datasheet
  • The accessories are part of the ISOVER U Protect system which has been tested to EN 1366-1 and EN 1366-8 and assessed against BS 476: Part 24. It offers up to 2 hours passive fire protection for ventilation and smoke extracting ducts as well as 1 hour passive fire protection for kitchen ducts(1)

(1) Fire resistance is dependent on the application, thicknesses used and the method of installation. Please refer to U Protect Installation Guide for details.

Product Benefits

  • A full range of accessories available to help achieve the correct installation of the ISOVER U Protect passive fire protection system.
  • The adhesive used in the system is only required at penetration details rather than at every insulation joint.


Download the HVAC solution guide here