At Saint-Gobain Insulation UK, we are committed to making every effort towards making the world a better home, and that includes taking the steps towards reducing our emissions and improving across all our sites. We’re achieving this through a number of initiatives that focus on energy, waste, products, packaging and transport across all of our sites.

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We’re committed to preserving the planet by achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

To help us achieve our goal, we have in place a dedicated team trying to encourage change across the company, from larger actions like our drive to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill, to the smaller actions. We encourage every member of our team to keep the environment and sustainability in mind, and encourage them to come forwards with their own ideas on how they can make their job that much greener.


All sites use 100% renewable electricity supply and LED lighting. At our ISOVER site in Runcorn, we have an electric melter which means we produce 40% less CO2 per finished product compared to using a gas fired melter.

Waste to Landfill

We have been steadily reducing the amount of waste that we send to landfill, opting instead for sustainable and recyclable solutions. At our ISOVER plant, we’ve reduced that amount by 60% since 2019. Our Celotex Hadleigh site has also seen a drop of 45% since 2019. We’re very proud as well of our Celotex site in Eggborough, which sends absolutely no waste to landfill.

Product and Packaging

At our ISOVER site we produce glass mineral wool products that have a minimum recycled glass content of 75%. We have 30% recycled content packaging on our ISOVER batt products. From March 2022, our ISOVER product has also adopted the same type of packaging.


All of our sites operate with LPG and electric fork lift fleets. We have seen a reduction of 50% CO2e emissions annually from moving 28% of Celotex fleet to Bio-LNG fuel.

Achieving our goal is of the utmost importance to us at Saint-Gobain Insulation UK and at Saint-Gobain. If you want to learn how Saint-Gobain is taking these steps internationally, learn more by visiting their website.