Energy Assessments

Whole-building energy assessments are essential for understanding how the design of each construction element contributes to the performance of the building overall.

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The complex way in which the different parts of a building specification interact also informs compliance with national building regulations.

What does an energy assessment look at?

Part of a comprehensive technical service offering, Celotex and Isover's energy assessment service provides an all-under-one-roof look at the energy efficiency and sustainability of a proposed building design, including SAP, SBEM and PSI calcs.

Assessing the energy efficiency of a building holistically is not just about target U-values. It is also about building services specification and performance. Using the right thermal insulation - whether a rigid PIR board, or a mineral wool solution that offers acoustic insulation too - in the right thickness is just one part of the picture.

As part of an assessment, the floor, wall and roof insulation specifications are assessed in combination with the glazing provision, and the proposed mechanical and electrical services. Recommendations are made based on the desired outcome, looking at the most efficient way to achieve that result.

Energy assessments for domestic and commercial buildings

Sustainable, energy efficient specifications are essential for all building types. The energy assessment service is not restricted to domestic projects, with non-domestic assessments available for commercial and industrial projects too. Contact us to find out more about our fast, hassle-free service.

While the energy assessment service can help to refine building designs and specifications, having an assessment carried out at too late a stage can mean it is difficult, if not impossible, to incorporate recommendations prior to the project going to site.