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Insulation for Party (Separating) Walls

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The party (separating) walls in a semi-detached or terraced dwelling are an important part of the dwelling’s overall design, and since there are a variety of different ways to construct these walls – whether masonry cavity, timber-framed or steel framed – depending on how the external walls are being constructed it should come as no surprise that potentially there are different ways to insulate them.

Party (separating) walls make a vital contribution to the thermal & acoustic performance of the dwelling, depending on where the dwelling is being constructed & the exact performance requirements dictated by Building Regulations it may be that one particular party (separating) wall construction is preferred – and this in turn this may mean that one particular type of insulation would be the preferred choice for these walls.

Saint-Gobain Insulation UK manufacture and supply glass mineral wool slabs and rolls that can be considered suitable for use within a wide range of masonry cavity party (separating) walls, timber-framed party (separating) walls & steel-framed party (separating) walls.