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Saint-Gobain Insulation UK run industry recognised CPD's and can carry these out at your local office or digitally.

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Professionals belonging to membership organisations are typically required to undertake a minimum number of hours of continuous professional development (CPD) every year. CPD activities are self-directed, making sure that learning activities are relevant to individual needs, and across a spectrum of topics to ensure well-rounded development.

What CPD activities does Saint-Gobain Insulation UK offer?

To support continuous professional development in the construction industry, Saint-Gobain Insulation UK offers different types of CPD material. Covering both thermal insulation and acoustic insulation in different applications, the material suits different learning types and objectives.

Please complete the form below to register your interest in one of our CPD seminars. One of our team will then contact you to confirm which CPD you would like and a suitable date and time for the seminar to take place.

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